The Invasion 2 is a game of Super Mario Bros X. It was created in 2008, but no info on the creator.


In a day, Bowser returns to kidnapp Peach and invade Mushroom Kingdome. But, he has joined forces with bad guys from other games and Zelda games. At this point, Peach announces Mario the news, and he begins his journey.


1. The Bros. Pad

  • Super Easy Road
  • Grassy Grass Grasslands
  • Misplace Pipehammer Maze
  • Floating Brick Niche
  • Get Off My Lawn!
  • White Savage Zone
  • Dungeon of Pain
  • Subcon Nightmare Land
  • Megaton Base Hole
  • Secret Squirrel Area
  • Jumpy Hoppy Turtle Zone
  • Super Nostalgaia World
  • Pwnhammer
  • Switch Action Zone
  • Panic Zone
  • The Treature House
  • Playful Playland


  1. Boom-Boom
  1. Wart
  1. Ladwin DA ba ba ba
  1. Larry
  1. Boo
  1. Mother Brain
  1. Bowser (Fake)
  1. Another Koopling
  1. Bowser


Peach: Beat Fake Bowser

Link: Beat Mother Brain

Mother Brain Fight: Beat Game

Secret World: A secret exit